Commercial Plumbing

When you need commercial plumbing repairs and installations in Sydney, you can rely on the professional and expert service you receive from Platinum Hot Water & Plumbing.

Discover how our commitment to excellence in commercial plumbing can benefit you and your business or institution:

Commercial Plumbing

Dedicated Commercial Service - Experienced in providing a superior level of commercial service, to help keep your business running smoothly and with the minimum interruption. That commitment includes rapid, on-time service, leaving from MULTIPLE Sydney locations.

Professional Plumbers - That understand your business needs and priorities, with respect for you, your premises, and your colleagues and clients.

Commercial Preventative Maintenance - Contact us for our commercial preventative maintenance plan – with periodic inspections of your plumbing to try to prevent problems before they become inconvenient repairs.

New Installations - All manner of new installations, from new customer and employee bathrooms, to new water heaters.

Drain Clearing and Repairs - Experts in drain and sewer problems, with the latest diagnostic equipment to save your time and money by pinpointing the source of the problem.

Hot Water - Offering commercial hot water repairs and installations, including thermostatic mixing valves.

Backflow - Backflow prevention testing, repairs and new installations

Repipes - For leaking or problematic galvanised piping.

Commercial Invoicing - To make it easier for us to fit in with your existing accounting procedures (for regular account clients).

Flat Rate Pricing - Pay by the job not the hour, you always pay the same regardless of how long the job takes.