Platinum Hot Water & Plumbing are the ultimate solution for all your hot water problems and repairs in water plumbing

→ Rapid on-time Response:

We can repair your hot water TODAY, with an on-time assurance for your convenience. We leave from MULTIPLE locations across Sydney for a fast response.

→ Satisfaction Guaranteed:

Or we’ll return for FREE.

→ We Carry More Parts:

We have “mobile warehouses on wheels” carrying more parts than most plumbing companies, there’s a better chance we’ll have any parts your water heater needs.

→ Pay by the Job, NOT by the Hour:

You can relax – no matter how long the repair takes you’ll still pay the same.

→ 2 Year Guarantee on all Parts:

You get a 2 year guarantee on all parts.- GREAT SERVICE: Polite and professional plumbers that will keep your home clean and tidy.

→ On-Board Replacements:

If your system is beyond economic repair, we also keep replacement water heaters in stock in the vehicle – it’s a total dedication to getting your hot water back and working TODAY.

→ Safety Experts:

We can check the safety of your water heater system.

→ Able to Repair all Water Heater Problems:

Whatever your water heater problem, we can diagnose it and suggest an appropriate solution.