Instant Hot Water

If you’re fed up of standing in the shower when it runs out of hot water, the answer might be an instant continuous flow hot water solution from Platinum Hot Water & Plumbing.

These appliances are also termed as on demand hot water heaters. Typically instead of storing hot water, they create it as the user requires it. When used properly, these machines not only give you instant hot water, they can save you on energy costs and help the environment too.

Traditional hot water heaters contain storage tanks, which result in standby heat loss. Since tankless water heaters lack tanks, the good news is that they also lack standby heat loss – and this is what makes them more energy efficient than traditional hot water heaters.


We can help with advice on the range of continuous flow (or “tankless”) water systems on the market, and with professional installation and service.


If you need hot water for one particular location,
then the point-of-use version is ideal. There’s also “whole house” versions if you want on-demand hot water throughout the entire home. Providing that the system is correctly rated for your home and family, you should have all the hot water you need, whenever you need it.

We can help to determine the type, size, and quantity of tankless water heater that is perfect for your home, and can help provide you with the industry-leading warranties for your new state-of-the-art system.

Regardless of which continuous flow water heater you choose, you can be assured that our friendly and professional plumbers will be on-time, clean and tidy – and expertly install your new system – all backed by a satisfaction guarantee, or we return for FREE.