Blocked drains in Illawong are a common plumbing issue we service on a daily basis. Blocked and clogged drains can occur for many different reasons. In any event, the issue needs to be corrected as soon as possible. We are the professionals you are looking for. Blocked or clogged drains can occur for a number of reasons, including hair, strong tree roots, and lodged objects. There are other things that can clog your drains, but these are the most common reasons. Dealing with blocked drains can be a pain, but with the help of Platinum Hot Water and Plumbing, it will not be a problem for long.

Do you need gas lines installed or repaired? We are the certified professionals who can get the job done. Installing gas lines and repairing pipes are certainly not DIY jobs. We are a plumbing company that is trusted throughout Sydney for everyone’s plumbing needs. If you are experiencing issues with gas lines, you may have issues with heating, hot water, gas leaks, and gas ovens. The good news is that you don’t have to endure these issue for long. Platinum Hot Water and Plumbing can fix these issues before you know it.

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