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Are you looking for the most reliable plumbing service in Merrylands area? Platinum Hot Water & Plumbing is the right place for you. With experience spanning over a decade and state-of-the-art equipment, our professional Merrylands plumbers are ready to deal with any type of emergencies that you are experiencing. Merrylands Platinum Hot Water & Plumbing offers its clients an extensive selection of services including general plumbing, leaks, burst pipes, as well as hot water instalments and repairs. All our Merrylands plumbers use top-class products from Australia’s most renowned suppliers, and offer loyal clients a wide selection of latest designs in showers, baths, taps, sinks and vanities.

Platinum Hot Water & Plumbing is always at your disposal for all questions and  Merrylands plumbing emergencies. Call 0424 174 747 today and rest assured that all of your residential and commercial plumbing issues will be solved.

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