Leaks & Noisy Pipes

If your pipes have a leak, or you are having other pipe-related issues in Sydney (such as reduced water pressure) then you’ll appreciate the expertise, professionalism and great service you receive from Platinum Hot Water & Plumbing.

Guaranteed workmanship, Platinum Hot Water & Plumbing can help you 24 hours, 7 days.

Leak Detection - If you need help with detecting or locating a leak, Platinum Hot Water & Plumbing can help. Pinpointing the source of the problem accurately can save you time and money, as well as get you closer to fixing the issue faster.

Pipe Repairs and Repipes - If your pipe is leaking, or it is an older type of piping that has corroded, Platinum Hot Water & Plumbing can help repair the pipes with the latest techniques and technology. If they are older galvanised pipes that are rusting away, you may wish to consider a repipe with copper.

Rusty Water on Low Pressure - If you have older pipes that produce brown or metallic-tasting water, or if you have erratic or low water pressure, then Platinum Hot Water & Plumbing can help diagnose the issue and suggest a repair.Noisy Pipes:If your pipes suffer from ‘water hammer’ (a shudder in the pipes when you turn off a tap, or the washing machine or dishwasher kicks in) then Platinum Hot Water & Plumbing can almost certainly fix your issue today, and help prevent expensive damage to your pipes.